Frequently Asked Questions

How long can I hire the skip for?

You can hire your skips or bins for as little or as long as you like. Once it's full you can also simply give us a call and we will arrange for it to be collected.

What can I put in the skip?

Any items other than tyres, electrical items, mattresses, liquids or hazardous material. We are licensed to dispose of certain of the above-mentioned items but there will be an additional charge.

Where can I place my skip?

he skip can be placed anywhere on your land as long as there is sufficient space for our vehicle to get to It can also go on a public road or verge, however, we would have to arrange a permit from the relevant Local Authority for this.

What does the cost include?

The cost of the skip includes delivery, disposal of material in it and collection. If required, we will also arrange a permit from the relevant Local Authority.

What happens to the contents?

Wherever possible items that are in your skip will be recycled or sent for re-processing.We make it our top priority to minimise any waste sent to landfill.

How much room do I need?

For the vehicle to safely place the skip we will need approx. 3m width.

If you need any advice on skip placement, please feel free to contact us and ask us any further questions before ordering your skip.